Gun Safety Tips

1.–Watch that muzzle carefully!
Keep the barrel pointed at all times in a safe direction.

2. Treat all firearms with the same respect due a loaded gun.
It might be, especially if you think it isn’t.

3. Be sure of the target and beyond it and what is in front of it.
Know the identifying features of your target. Make sure you have a deep backstop. Please don’t shoot at a flat, hard surface like water.

4. Always keep your finger outside of the trigger guard until you are ready to shoot.
This is the absolute best way to prevent accidental discharges.

5. Remember to always check your barrel and ammunition.
Make sure the barrel and action are free from obstructions. Only carry the proper ammunition for your firearm.

6. Always unload firearms when they are not in use.
You should leave actions open, and then carry firearms in cases – unloaded to and from shooting areas.

7. Point a firearm only at the target that you have intentions to shoot.
Please avoid horseplay when handling a gun.

8. Don’t ever jump, run, or climb when carrying a loaded firearm.
You should unload firearms before you climb a tree or fence. Only pull a firearm toward you by the butt, especially not the muzzle.

9. Always store your firearms and ammunition separately under lock and key.
They should be stored in secured locations out of the reach of children and careless adults.

10. Finally, always avoid the use of alcoholic beverages before and during shooting.
This includes other medicines or drugs.