Gun Safety Laws

The Constitution of the United States of America addresses the right of the United States government to make laws. Basically, it says that the federal government can only make laws that deal with interstate commerce, or matters concerning trade across state lines.  The United States Constitution goes further to limit the powers of the federal government. It says that all powers not expressly delegated to the federal government in the Constitution are given to the States of the union.

So, considering this mandate, there is no federal gun safety law. Some people seem to think that the federal government should have such laws, however, this is a job for the individual states of the union.

Many states do have safety laws regarding the use of firearms. Most states have an age limit on owning handguns. Most states require a handgun owner to be 21 years of age. Safety devices, such as trigger locks are required by some states for gun ownership. Other states require that guns be stored separately under lock and key away from ammunition. Some states require certification of a safety course in order for a citizen to own a firearm.

Most states require that hunters take a course and obtain a certification in hunter education prior to hunting. For example, in the state of Georgia, citizens born after January 1, 1961, must have obtained a certification in hunter education prior to hunting. Hunters aged 12-25 must have proof of certification with them in the field in order to hunt at all. Hunters older than age 25 only need proof of certification in order to purchase a hunting license. They do not have to have certification with them while hunting.