Gun Safety Course

There are several options regarding gun and firearm safety courses depending on where you live. A number of states mandate gun safety courses prior to owning firearms. Some states only require hunter education courses prior to hunting.

Gun Safety Courses

For those states requiring gun safety courses, there is one source that has information that may help. This is the National Rifle Association, also called the “NRA.” The NRA is the authority on training gun owners in safety and use of firearms. A simple way to check into this, or locate a course, is to go to the National Rifle Association website. On this website, you can learn a lot of specifics about firearm and gun safety. You can also locate and find nearby gun safety courses on this website. Be warned that many internet services actually block the NRA website because it pertains to weapons. This is silly, because the NRA is conducting a lot of helpful safety services.

Hunter Education Courses

Next, some states only require hunter education or safety classes. Most states have programs that certified by International Hunter Education Association, or “IHEA.” Most state have now what is called a CD, computer, or internet course. The state of Georgia uses this approach, along with traditional classes to teach hunter education. The way this is done is with the website that uses the address of This could be spelled out BE – A – SAFE – HUNTER – .ORG.

Students will first register online for their hunter safety internet course. Next, they complete the course on Then, they attend a 2 hour review session. At the session, the students will be reviewed on hunter safety basics. Lastly, they will take the hunter education certification test. A score of 76 or higher is required for successful certification.