Gun Safety Classes

A good idea for any firearm owner is to take gun safety classes. Some states require these classes by law for gun owners. Most states require hunter education training for all hunters. Whatever the case, safety should be foremost in everyone’s mind whether they are discussing driving an automobile or using a firearm.

A large portion of the curriculum for hunter education courses focuses on gun safety. For example, the state of Georgia’s Hunter Education curriculum includes seven lesson plans. Of these required lessons, four of them focus on gun safety and related issues.

Additionally, a set of videos is included as part of the content. The first video is entitled, “Sweet Sunday’s Gone.” In this video, two teenage boys make multiple mistakes while traveling through a wooded area. They exhibit carelessness to a high degree. This carelessness culminates in the accidental shooting and subsequent death of one of the lads.

Another video, “Firearm Safety and the Hunter,” deals with firearm accidents that can happen during hunting. It is a more factual approach to presenting ways to prevent firearms accidents.

Enrolling in a hunter education class in Georgia is easy. You go to the Department of Natural Resources website, (go hunt Georgia). Then, look for the link to “Hunter Education.” Once there, “search for a class.”

When searching for a class, you select the county and month that you would like to train. Then, a calendar with links will appear. The links will provide specific information on the individual hunter education classes. In order to “Sign Up,” you must register for an account.

It is extremely important to keep your username, password, and email address written down in case you forget this information. I have had students experience much trouble when they lost this information. However, the great thing about this Internet system is that certified safe hunters can always print out a “hunter safety card” with the system. This is done under the “Replace a Card” link.