Gun Safety at Home

When I was about 11 years old, a tragedy happened to one of my classmates. Her father was cleaning a rifle, something he had forgotten to take care since deer season, which was months past. If I recall correctly, it was later in the evening. When he began cleaning it, it fired. A bullet traveled through a wall. It struck his wife in the back and instantly killed her.
Sadly, he violated several of the standard rules of gun safety, which re mentioned redundantly in this blog. Even more sadly, he violated these at home, which led to a tragedy. Let’s take a look at this sad event and the basic rules:
• T – Treat every gun as if it were loaded. He did not treat this rifle as if it were loaded. He should have immediately checked it to verify it was unloaded. This should be done over and over to the point of ridiculousness.
• A – Always point your gun in a safe direction. Sadly, and probably unaware to him, he did not point the weapon in a safe direction.
• B – Be sure of your target and what is beyond it. Even though he did not have a target per se, he did not know what was beyond the wall and in the path of his bullet.
Another basic safety rule for in the home is to store firearms separately from ammunition. Both firearms and ammunition should be stored separately, under lock and key.
Another item to remember is that carelessness is the number cause of any accident, especially when dealing with gun safty. “I didn’t know it was loaded,” can not resurrect victims of firearm accidents.
Readers of this blog should familiarize everyone in the home with the basic safety and storage rules. Also, this should be done periodically. When dealing with children, I recommend a lot of praise for the children as well.