Gun Safety Accidents

Accidents are a fact of life whenever handling any sort of equipment. However, with firearms accidents, most could be eliminated by following three simple rules (using the acronym “TAB”):
• T – Treat every gun as if it were loaded
• A – Always point your gun in a safe direction
• B – Be sure of your target and what is beyond it.

To stress the importance of the TAB firearm rules in preventing gun safety accidents, follows is a list of accidents from the 2007-08 hunting season in Georgia. A short description of the accident is listed, along with either T, A, or B to represent the rule which was violated above.
• B – Victim was bent over conducting grounds maintenance when he was struck with shot.
• A – The shooter swung onto the victim’s position and when he fired at the bird he struck the victim with two stray pellets. The shooter loaded the shot gun with the wrong shells.
• A – Shooter was trying to eject a misfired shell from the chamber when the firearm discharged and struck victim in left thigh.
• T or A – Victim was letting the hammer down onto the round and it slipped out from under his thumb and discharged the round.
• A – Victim had rifle resting on foot. The victim saw a deer, he turned safety off and as he was trying to reach for rifle, the trigger caught his shirt. The firearm discharged.
• B – Shooter was swinging on a moving rabbit and did not see victim in background.
• T – The victim was unloading gun from vehicle and the trigger caught the victims overalls.
• T – Victim was walking into pines for a place to hunt. The vines caught hold of sidearm holster. When reaching down to secure grip the firearm discharged.
• B – Victim was engaged in dove hunting with multiple hunters. As he was watching a low bird flying, the bird flew between him and two hunters. At this time he heard shots and felt a thump on the bridge of his nose.
• B – Shooter covered off on victim in dense cover while rabbit hunting.